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afp, amok

poizzenapple in atomsforpeaceru

Thom ina skirt )))

свершилось, Томас надел юбку )
если он и дальше будет подражать Фли, не исключено, что к концу тура они будут выступать в одних носках )))
шутки шутками, но почитайте, о чем болтают фаны )))

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Atoms for Peace, Nashville.x

I need to know if flea talked him into it or if he wanted to wear one right off the bat

I’m guessing right off the bat. Honestly though that’s a completely different animal from Flea’s skirt. Flea’s is slit to his waist. He does high kicks and throws his fishing tackle into the crowd, he does a knee bend and his thigh is exposed up to his ahem then he jiggles it deliberately.

Compared to that Thom’s wraparound is modest to the extreme. I wonder how they modified it? Or is Thom so small that it actually wraps around a third time, covering him completely?

C’mon Yorke, wear the true Flea skirt and let’s see those bandy little drumsticks!

Flea has more than one skirt; the one he wore in Philly was the high-slit and the one in Fairfax wasn’t. idk what he wore in NYC since I wasn’t there. I’m assuming Thom is wearing the Fairfax one, or that Flea has an entire closet full. It could even have some sort of closure, like snaps or buttons, or even a zipper.

They’re probably roughly the same size anyway, with maybe an inch difference, though Thom has a longer (and broader) torso and shoulder. Thom’s so well known for his clothes sharing that I’m kinda surprised it didn’t happen sooner. Maybe he was waiting for the right outfit to pair it with? tbh I still want them to break out the robes again.

Tonight, they were both decked out in long black skirts, which gave Yorke the appearance of a bearded lady.
Atoms For Peace show in Nashville - American Songwriter [review] (via thomyorkerules)


"i was so close to thom, I could smell what deodorant he uses ;-) "
#atomsforpeace #amok #nashville #tn #warmemorial (at Nashville War Memorial Auditorium)